Upcoming and Past Meetings

All meetings held in the St. Dominic Rectory

Title Meeting Date Agenda Agenda File
Monthly Meeting September 2017 Thu, 09/28/2017 - 6:00pm
Monthly Meeting October 2017 Thu, 10/26/2017 - 6:00pm
Title Agenda Agenda File Minutes File Crime Statistics File Financials File
Monthly Meeting August 2017

No meeting in July 2017.

PDF icon 2017-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2017

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee

Meet in the Robert E. Smith Regional Library located at 6301 Canal Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70124.

PDF icon 2017-August-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2017

No meeting in July 2017. Crime report posted.

PDF icon 2017-July-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2017 PDF icon 2017-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2017 PDF icon 2017-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2017 PDF icon 2017-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2017 PDF icon 2017-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2017 PDF icon 2017-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2017 PDF icon 2017-January-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting November 2016 PDF icon 2016-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting October 2016 PDF icon 2016-October-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2016 PDF icon 2016-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2016 PDF icon 2016-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2016 PDF icon 2016-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2016 PDF icon 2016-July-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District ByLaws Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-July-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2016 PDF icon 2016-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-June-agenda.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-May-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2016 PDF icon 2016-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2016 PDF icon 2016-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2016 PDF icon 2016-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2016 PDF icon 2016-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2016 PDF icon 2016-January-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2015-December-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-December-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting November 2015 PDF icon 2015-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2015-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting October 2015 PDF icon 2015-October-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2015 PDF icon 2015-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2015 PDF icon 2015-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2015

LCPD does not meet in July

PDF icon 2015-July-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2015 PDF icon 2015-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2015 PDF icon 2015-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2015 PDF icon 2015-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2015 PDF icon 2015-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2015 PDF icon 2015-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-February-minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2015 PDF icon 2015-January-agenda.pdf