Upcoming and Past Meetings

All meetings held in the St. Dominic Rectory

Title Meeting Date Agenda Agenda File
Monthly Meeting August 2018 Thu, 08/23/2018 - 6:00pm
Monthly Meeting September 2018 Thu, 09/27/2018 - 6:00pm
Monthly Meeting October 2018 Thu, 10/25/2018 - 6:00pm
Title Agenda Agenda File Minutes File Crime Statistics File Financials File
LCPD Technology Committee - August 14, 2018 @ Robert E Smith Regional Library, 6301 Canal Blvd PDF icon 2018-August-agenda.pdf
LCPD Technology Committee - July 23, 2018 PDF icon 2018-July-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2018 PDF icon 2018-July-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-July-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2018-July-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2018 PDF icon 2018-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-June-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2018


PDF icon 2018-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2018-May-financials.pdf
LCPD Technology Committee - May 16, 2018 PDF icon 2018-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-May-minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2018 PDF icon 2018-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2018-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2018 PDF icon 2018-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2018-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2018

No Crime Statistics Report.

PDF icon 2018-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-February-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-February-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2018 PDF icon 2018-January-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2018-January-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2018-January-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2018-January-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting December 2017

No meeting in December.  Crime Statistics Report posted.

PDF icon 2017-December-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting November 2017 PDF icon 2017-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-November-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-November-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-November-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting October 2017 PDF icon 2017-October-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-October-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-October-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-October-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2017

No Crime Statistics Report.

PDF icon 2017-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2017 PDF icon 2017-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-August-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2017

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee.

PDF icon 2017-August-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2017

No meeting in July 2017.  Crime Statistics Report posted.

PDF icon 2017-July-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2017 PDF icon 2017-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-June-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2017 PDF icon 2017-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2017 PDF icon 2017-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2017 PDF icon 2017-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2017 PDF icon 2017-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-February-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2017 PDF icon 2017-January-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2017-January-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting November 2016 PDF icon 2016-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-November-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting October 2016 PDF icon 2016-October-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-October-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2016 PDF icon 2016-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2016 PDF icon 2016-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2016 PDF icon 2016-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2016 PDF icon 2016-July-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-July-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District ByLaws Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-July-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2016 PDF icon 2016-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-June-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-June-agenda.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2016-May-agenda.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2016 PDF icon 2016-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2016 PDF icon 2016-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2016 PDF icon 2016-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2016 PDF icon 2016-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-February-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2016 PDF icon 2016-January-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2016-January-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2015-December-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-December-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting November 2015 PDF icon 2015-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-financials.pdf
Lakeview Crime Prevention District Crime Camera Program Committee Meeting PDF icon 2015-November-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-November-minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting October 2015 PDF icon 2015-October-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-October-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting September 2015 PDF icon 2015-September-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-September-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting August 2015 PDF icon 2015-August-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-August-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting July 2015

LCPD does not meet in July

PDF icon 2015-July-crime-stats.pdf
Monthly Meeting June 2015 PDF icon 2015-June-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-June-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting May 2015 PDF icon 2015-May-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-May-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting April 2015 PDF icon 2015-April-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-April-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting March 2015 PDF icon 2015-March-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-minutes.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-crime-stats.pdf PDF icon 2015-March-financials.pdf
Monthly Meeting February 2015 PDF icon 2015-February-agenda.pdf PDF icon 2015-February-minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting January 2015 PDF icon 2015-January-agenda.pdf